Student Programs

At CWC LA, student programming outside of school hours helps enhance our learning model and bring social emotional learning (SEL) to the full school experience.

Programs at CWC West Valley are:

Student Programs are open to all students at CWC West Valley. Fees vary by program, and scholarships and other support are available.

However, students in grades TK-6: who qualify for free or reduced lunch, are homeless youth, and/or foster youth may enroll in the ELOP at no cost. To qualify, families must have a completed household income data collection form on file and the 22/23 student program TK-5TH interest form

The Expanded Learning Opportunity Program which includes morning care, after-school, Camp Citizens, and the Summer program; provides students with academic and social enrichment through Project-based learning, physical fitness/activities such as sports, and integrates social-emotional learning.

CWC West Valley will implement the Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP), partially funded through a statewide grant. For more information go to this link. 

Our Mission

To encourage and inspire youth to be lifelong learners of self, community and the world.

Our Vision

To create experiential learning opportunities for students that encourage critical thought, a sense of community and enthusiasm for learning.

Our Approach

We provide opportunities for students to collaborate and learn through hands-on experiences while fostering social-emotional awareness (SEL) and growth. By infusing mindfulness and self regulation to encourage critical thought, we build a sense of community and enthusiasm for learning.

Student Programs at CWC West Valley

Upcoming Programming

Registration for Fall and Winter Camps are now open!
we will be welcoming non-CWC families and students this year to all camps.

English Fall Flyer | Spanish Fall Flyer | English Winter Flyer | Spanish Winter Flyer


*Note: To qualify for the free or reduced-price lunch tiers, CWC LA must have a completed household income data collection form for the school year on file. Email for more information.

Morning Care

Monday – Friday | 7:30 am to beginning of school day

Morning care is available on campus for CWC West Valley students. All students must be signed into morning care by a parent or guardian. 

Morning Care fees are subscription-based and assessed on a sliding scale. Checks or cash can be turned into the school office (please make checks payable to Citizens of the World West Valley.)

$50/month $20/month $5/month
Full price Families that qualify for reduced price meals Families that qualify for free meals

After School Program

Monday – Friday | Dismissal to 6:00 pm

After school grade level mentors provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling to participants. Mentors lead group mindfulness, play, club activities such as sports, arts, science, and facilitate study time (aka workflow). Our ASP creates experiential learning opportunities for students that encourage critical thought, a sense of community, and enthusiasm for learning.

Families can sign up monthly for after school programming. There are also daily drop-in rates.
2022-23 school year flyer with more information coming soon! 


$350/month $150/month $60/month
Full price Families that qualify for reduced price meals Families that qualify for free meals


Monday – Friday | After school, session times vary (60-90 minutes)

Our Enrichment program connects students to targeted experiential learning opportunities that build student’s confidence, physical, and academic skills. Students get exposure to healthy competition, career exploration, the arts, and much more.  Offerings last 8 to 9 weeks per trimester, with each session times depending on the offering.

Every trimester has a new enrichment menu, with classes like cartoon art, financial literacy, coding, leadership development, chess, web design, and more!

The cost of each program varies based on number of sessions offered, family income status, and materials provided. 

2022 T3 Enrichment Flyer (ENROLLMENT CLOSED)


Camp Citizens

Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, Summer Break

Join Camp Citizens, where every day is an adventure!
During our school breaks, we will be engaging in fun, hands-on, safe learning IN PERSON!

There will be plenty of activities like STEM Engineering workshops, Arts and Crafts, cooking workshops, and more, building our bodies and minds to help us stay pumped and focused. Camp Citizens is a great way to keep your kiddo engaged during breaks, playing and learning alongside their peers and creating lasting memories across the region.

Click here to fill out our 2022 Summer Camp Citizens registration form.(CLOSED) 

CWC LA’s goal is to develop a student first/athlete second mindset. We encourage and motivate all participants to be students in the classroom and of the game while building on their athletic skills (teamwork, health, wellness, and perseverance). Our goal is to provide access to school-based sports and development for student-athletes regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity, or income. 

Email for more information!


What is Procare?

Procare Solutions is a comprehensive child care management software that houses CWC LA’s Student Programs sign-ups, payment, and updates on activities by our staff. will allow parents to show their interest in participating in the following student programs: After School, Enrichment, and Camp Citizens. All children will be added to a waitlist initially and then transferred to the desired program once approved on the backend. Parents will receive a confirmation in the app and billing instructions.

Click here to login to My Procare.

How do I get access to Procare? 

You may have received an email from Procare about your CWC account. If you have not received an email from Procare confirming you are in the system (check your main inbox and junk/spam mail), you can create an account via web browser. Email for your school specific ProCare link.

If you have received an email with account information, you DO NOT need to create a new account, just reset your password.

Procare has an app – what can I see?

We encourage all families to download the Procare mobile app. From the app, you can stay up to date on your child’s daily activities, milestones, and more! We can send you photos and videos of your child, as well as keep you in the loop on upcoming events and time-sensitive information. 

The app also offers several “contactless” ways to check your child in and out. This helps us limit in-person interactions and unnecessary foot traffic on site so we can better ensure the health and wellbeing of you, your children and our staff. 

How do I get the app? 

Go to the Apple Store or Google Play store and search for the Procare: Childcare App. Once on the screen, enter the parent email address associated with your student’s school profile. Once you enter, a password reset will need to be sent to that email. Go to your email (check main inbox and junk/spam mail) for the Procare connect email password reset request. Enter a new password and you are in. 

Procare Portfolio

We can now create a portfolio containing pictures taken throughout the programs your students attend. These pictures will be available for you to download, share, print, or link to Facebook. 

We think you’ll really enjoy this new way for us to stay connected and to engage you in the programs your student/s will be participating in. 


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