Our Founding Teaching staff have an average of 10 years of teaching experience and are fully credentialed, which is a requirement for teachers who deliver core content at Citizens of the World Charter Schools. Our founding staff, including our office administrators, is a diverse group with extensive experience across various elements of our model and a team that is deeply committed to our core values and the creation of an exceptional learning community.

CWC West Valley is committed to ensuring that our students, staff, and families are validated and affirmed for who they are and what they bring to our community, creating an environment in which we learn from and with one another. Staff and teachers will take the time to get to know each student, so teaching approaches and curriculum can be relevant to students’ unique backgrounds, experiences, and interests.

CWC West Valley is part of a network of high-performing public charter schools across Los Angeles operated by Citizens of the World Charter Schools LA (CWC LA). All of CWC LA’s charter schools are tuition-free, non-religious public schools committed to socio-economic, cultural and racial diversity. We are preparing our students to emerge as a new generation of leaders – as trailblazers who are ready to tackle the future challenges in our world and surpass the conceived limitations of what students, communities, parents, and schools can achieve in the world. In this spirit, we work conscientiously to build strong communities both within and outside the classroom.

Meet CWC West Valley’s leadership team below! 

Principal Jennifer Mansfield

Jennifer Mansfield

Founding Principal

Founding Director of School Operations Lisandra Flores

Lisandra Flores

Founding Director of School Operations

Founding Director of Social Emotional Learning Andrew Lopez

Drew Lopez

Founding Director of Social Emotional Learning /
PE Coach

Kelly Norris

 Founding Resource Teacher /
Director of Special Education

Haley Keech

Founding Business Manager

Karla Duarte

Founding Community Coordinator

Kristina D’Angelo

Founding Outreach Associate

Marlene Guzman

Founding Office Associate

Sarah Lima

Founding Instructional Coordinator

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