Managing anxiety as a caregiver can be a big challenge in the best of times…and we would all have to agree that this past year hasn’t been the “best of times.” 
One thing is for certain: when it comes to anxiety, we are certainly “in it together.” Virtually no one has been immune to the stresses of the world, and some have been even harder hit than others.
It might feel easier to say “I’ll deal with that later,” but when we keep putting it off, we are really creating response habits that eventually lead to our anxiety taking over, which contributes to a host of other problems, whether that is increased conflict in our relationships (including with our kids!), physical manifestations of our stress (ranging from headaches to increased blood pressure to GI issues and everything in between), to a bigger sense of disconnect from who we are and what we’re capable of.
The good news is that humans are, by our very nature, resilient.
We all have access to the present moment, even if it means we might need to retrain our minds a bit to remember to return to it more often.
Because I know that parenting in the pandemic means that we might not have time for full dedication to meditation, yoga, or other supportive practices, I am a big fan of fitting practices into the shape of our lives, exactly as they are.
This might mean something as simple as taking 3 deep breaths (or even just 1!) when we don’t have time for more, or 3 minutes of meditation instead of 20.

In the video below, I share a process that you can start with any time, anywhere that can bring a sense of calm when you need it most:

This post was written by Sabrina Bolin, Spiritual Life Coach and Hypnotherapist who created the “3C Cycle of Change” to guide others in their quest to shift down anxiety, connect to their inner wisdom, and strengthen their emotional resiliency to create a more meaningful experience in life (learn more about her work at When not working, she loves hanging with her cool kid, a magical CWCWV Unicorn.

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